Show teammate's money with color?

Hey, ive got a "show teammate's money" script working with client_print but i was wondering how to add some color in it too.

The script:

PHP Code:

public show_money(client)

    for (
id 1id <= g_max_playersid++)
        if (
is_user_connected(id) && cs_get_user_team(id) == cs_get_user_team(client))
     &n bsp;  {
money cs_get_user_money(id);
client_print(clientprint_chat"(Penge) %-22.22s: %d^n"namemoney);

Ive searched a bit and i found this:

PHP Code:

    message_begin(MSG_ONEget_user_msgid("SayText"), {0,0,0}, id)
write_string("^x03Team colored text ^x01Normal color")

Thats just not exactly what i need (i think) because its not something the player have said in say or say_team.

I want to use team color in the name only, I hope u can help me with this.

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