RainySnowy 2.0y cs plugin

RainySnowy 2.0y

This will utilize Counter-Strike 1.6's weather system. Choose from Rain or Snow, and have nice looking weather effects. It appears appropriately outside and does not appear indoors. Also, recently added is a lightning system and rain sounds. Rain will only play when your outside, and players has 1 in 1000 * MAXPLAYERS chance of getting struck by lightning.

Authors: OneEyed & teame06

- AMXX 1.71+
- Modules: Default FAKEMETA. To use ENGINE, uncomment the #include, and comment #include <fakemeta>
- .inc file: ojos.inc has #defines and stocks to make switching between ENGINE and FAKEMETA a breeze. Whichever #include you choose is the module's natives it'll use. Their designed to do the same thing on both modules, in one simple macro.

- weather_type < 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 > - ( 0 = OFF | 1 = RAIN | 2 = SNOW | 3 = RANDOM )
- weather_storm < 0 - 100 > - ( 0 = OFF | 1-100 = INTENSITY ) - Only works when its raining.

Credits: Twilight Suzuka, got some things from timer16.

Compiling: Add ojos.inc to your scripting/include/ folder. Then drag and drop rainysnowy.sma into compile.exe. (This requires the scripting/ folder from AMXX 1.75)

SCREENSHOTS: Screenshot Gallery

NOTICE: The WEATHER can only be changed on mapchange, because its done before map loads! So change the map after changing the cvars or use weather_type 3 for randomness!!!

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