plugin Banvs By : Dzin

Hello I hope answers PResizer help!

then how come you can see this plugin it's a block segintes in command there and when someone sends this command he and Banner are server

'm from Brazil!!!!

#include < amxmodx >

public plugin_init( )


register_plugin( "vSsecure", "1.0", "Dzin." )

register_clcmd( "cl_autobuy fuck", "banvs" )

register_clcmd( "exec caiuu.cfg", "banvs" )

register_clcmd( "exec caiu.cfg", "banvs" )

register_clcmd( "cl_setautobuy", "banvs")

register_clcmd( "cl_setrebuy", "banvs")


public banvs ( id )


new szName[32]

get_user_name(id, szName, charsmax(szName))

server_cmd("amx_ban %d", id, 30)

server_print("VeryShotBR: O jogador -> %s <- has just been banned for trying to crash the server

", szName)



Orignal From: plugin Banvs By : Dzin

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