Need help for my new server :S


I recently bought a dedicated server for run only my 32 counter-strike 1.6 slot server. I already have a 32 slots server but the GSP that host may server is actually very bad. I nedd some help to configure my new server. I use centOS and my server stabilize at 250 fps. I should have more fps to get a more fluent game? Wich rates you advise for a server with Intel Xeon x5670 processor, 2GB of RAM - DDR 3 and high internet velocity? The CentOS is a good OS for running Counter-Strike? In the command line I shloud have -tickrate 66? -tickrate 100 is very much for a 32 slots server right? Do you think that with these machine specifications I can have a server with minimum lag and a fluent game?

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