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This is a complete overhaul of the Self Revive plugin. It causes grabbed and incapacitated survivors to automatically help themselves after an optional period of time has passed. Special infected attacks will be broken and downed players will get up off the ground or pull themselves up from ledges.

AutoHelp respects the cvar survivor_max_incapacitated_count, the default of which is 2. You can raise this number to increase the amount of times survivors can be helped before they suffer death.


Place .smx files in the sourcemod/plugins directory, .txt files into the sourcemod/gamedata folder. Original documents with the .sp extension can be edited in notepad++ and stored in sourcemod/scripting for compiling.


autohelp_bots "1", "Allow AutoHelp for survivor bots? 0:No, 1:Yes"

autohelp_incap "1", "Allow AutoHelp for incapacitation? 0:No, 1:Yes"

autohelp_incap_delay "5", "AutoHelp delay for incapacitation"

autohelp_incap_duration "5", "AutoHelp duration for incapacitation (setting higher than 5 will disable animation)"

autohelp_incap_health "30", "Health buffer after AutoHelp from incapacitation"

autohelp_ledge "1", "Allow AutoHelp for ledge grabs? 0:No, 1:Yes"

autohelp_ledge_delay "5", "AutoHelp delay for ledge grabs"

autohelp_ledge_duration "4", "AutoHelp duration for ledge grabs (setting higher than 4 will cause animation issues)"

autohelp_specials "1", "Allow AutoHelp for special infected holds?, 0:No, 1:Yes"

autohelp_specials_delay "5", "AutoHelp delay for special infected holds"

autohelp_specials_duration "5", "AutoHelp duration for special infected holds"

Recommended additional plugins

To do list
  • Add toggle for various game modes (Versus, Survival, etc.)

Known issues
  • The health buffer (red life bar) after AutoHelp from incapacitation does not always match the value set in autohelp_incap_health. I'm not sure why, but the amount restored seems to depend on the way in which a person is incapped.

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