BF3 mod.

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A BF3 mod would be cool :

3-5 second spawn delay with a bar filling up "bomb plant / defuse bar"

Crouch button NOT duck but crouch !

Sprint key/command

When game starts :

CTs spawn with spawns with names CT1-16 and Ts spawn from spawns with names T1-16

When bombs A and B explode :

CTs spawn on : T1-16 and Ts spawn on T17-32

When bombs C and D explode :

CTs spawn on : T17-32 and Ts spawn on T33-48

And so on forword.

Classes :

1 - Assault/Medic

The Assault and Medic a classes have been combined now, where the Assault class can either chose to heal/revive teammates, or you can opt for a grenade launcher instead of the revive kit, if you want more firepower.

2 - Engineer

The Engineer retains much of his role and load-out from Bad Company 2, you’re equipped with rocket launchers against enemy armor, and a repair tool to fix friendly vehicles, and a sub machine gun.

3 - Support

The Support class is now the one handing out ammunition, and can also provide covering fire. You can mount your LMG and if fire in the direction of the enemy, you’ll get special bonus points for providing covering fire for your teammates. You can also select an assault rifle with a flashlight for the dark parts of maps (like tunnels), instead of the LMG.

4 - Recon/Sniper

The Sniper has the same role as in previous Battlefield games, and is armed with a sniper rifle.

Sounds for :

Bomb planted , bomb secured etcClick post title for more details

Limited time : 5-10 minutes

BF2 XP system - horray no NEW xp system needed ! <3

Things that will bring +++ to the mod :

Ported wpn and player models

Original BF3 sounds

EPIC background shooting ambience - NOT TOO LOUD ! - LOUD SUX !

Maps : Copies of SOME of them will be epic , but maps 4 this mod are a MUST because of the gameplay itself and the many many spawn points.

When killer camera follows killer " if it can only killers head " and a hud like this: Goody [AK47] Samy

When badly hurt blood model/sprite on screen with screen fade - gray

HP regeneration.

Sprites showing where the bombsights are - even trough walls !

When someone is killed he spawns on supporter class player .

Hitmarker - X or > <

Beeng in or close to ANY explosions - screen shacking and a LITLE fade - gray

Statistics system "NOT RANKING !!!":

1 - Longest kill - ex : darkbad - 600 units/meters/feet

2 - Longest headshot - ex : darkbad - 900 units/meters/feet

3 - Meters walked - ex : darkbad - 100 units/meters/feet

4 - Meters ran - - ex : darkbad - 20000 units/meters/feet

5 - Connection times counter - ex : darkbad - 37

6 - Longest in-game stay - ex : darkbad - 4.22.36 "

7 - Shortest in-game stay - ex : darkbad - 00.00.06 "

8 - Longest killstreak - ex : darkbad - 12

9 - Longest knife killstreak - ex : darkbad - 6

10 - Most enemies killed with 1 HE grenade - ex : darkbad - 3

Orignal From: BF3 mod.

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