Amx strips Plugin


Strips the players weapons (as well as model o.O- no the model is NOT pornographic) and displays an HUD message to the whole server. Yes this is similar to amx_disarm, but it removes ALL weapons (not just knife).
NOTE - I did NOT use ANY part of the amx_disarm code during the writing of this plugin and any such similarities are strictly a coincidence.

Note Again:
The model is not mine.


amx_strip <nick>

Modules Required:

Win32 Server - Works

Known Errors

To Come
Compressing (finding new?) model.

Thanks to:
v3x for some scripting stuff, and fixed ResetHUD + weapon_pickup functions.
GHW_Chronic for looking at my plugin, editing it, being all around sexy, and adding in
the de-girlified line - SO FUNNY, TY!.

1.01 - Original Coding
1.02 - Fixed Strip Coding
1.03 - Added Model Coding
1.04 - Fixed Name Coding
1.05 - Fixed Model Coding
1.06 - Added Weapon_Pickup Function
1.07 - Added Description - Not a crucial update.
1.08 - Removed weapon_pickup function as it did not work - added unstrip command.
1.09 - Readded weapon_pickup function.
1.10 - Added ResetHUD function.
1.11 - Version edited, added find_ent_by_model command.
1.12 - Find_ent_by_model command removed - coding edited.
1.13 - Working version!!

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