Fate of the World Updated

Version 1.1 : Released 2011-09-29

Upgrade instructions:
  • Download fotw.msi from your distributor (Direct2Drive users will download fotw.exe instead)
  • Launch it; it will remove older versions and install the new version
Changes since previous release:
  • Added: Migration now occurs as a result of many environmental impacts. These effects only occur in the missions 'Three Degrees', 'Dr Apocalypse' and 'The Flood' and only if the Migration DLC is installed. [#3030]

  • Added: support for Mac OS X (10.6 or later) [#240]

  • Added: Regional Technology Panel, showing the current Tech level and the rate of advancement for each of the 5 main tech paths. [#1975]

  • Added: Easy mode - boosts support and stability but disables achievements. [#3264]

  • Changed: Data telemetry redesigned to have an overview page instead of the overly-simplified key stats, to allow quicker access to region and global information. [#3 064]
  • Added: Locked missions have a padlock icon displayed on them and the name of locking mission displayed in the mission details. [#3126]
  • Changed: Cards that stall silently now correctly show as "completed" on hand history, rather than indefinitely showing as paused. [#3006]

  • Changed: Climate-triggered impacts for temperatures > 3 degrees have had their hit chance balanced with a greater finesse to distinguish between 3 -> 3. 5 degree and 3.5 to 4 degrees. [#3031]
  • Changed: When starting a new game, the 'Projects' deck is no longer selected by default, thereby removing confusion about the limited number of cards available. [#2549]
  • Fixed: On Windows, trying to save a game with the same name but different case will not overwrite older games unless the player wishes to do so. [#3007]
  • Fixed: poor performance on main menu when there are a lot of late-game saves [#2944]
  • Fixed: Reports that ave support changes more reliably show the change in support for all impact types. [#2987]
  • Fixed: Step forwards achievement was not triggering correctly. [#2938]
  • Added: Globe recruit interface now has optional stats for cross-region comparison of key game data. [#3080]
  • Added: Language select option (only English is distributed in version 1. 1) [#3157]
  • Added: New cards including Baby Boom, Late Retirement, Police Nukes, Prayer and more [#3068]
  • Added: The game can be run without graphics card shaders which may help performance on some graphics cards by adding --noshaders to the command line on launch. [#2908]
  • Added: Tutorial tips between turns and loading/saving pauses [#3076]
  • Added: UI indicators showing which region has been chosen as the GEO Headquarters. [#3062]
  • Changed: Fotwpedia now has category filter buttons [#3153]
  • Changed: High Yield Crops may now trigger a potential renewal cost demand which will degrade crop yields if unpaid. [#3234]
  • Changed: Region telemetry navigation has been changed following overview pages with more consistent buttons for switching between graphs and stats. [#2674]
  • Changed: Updated manual for version 1. 1 [#2718]
  • Fixed: Coal-free Industry no longer requires the completion of another project card. [#3118]
  • Fixed: Corrected error that stopped regions regaining stability in some circumstance. [#3043]
  • Fixed: Dr Apocalypse HQ art no longer persists when loading a different mission. [#3134]
  • Fixed: Game win movies for Three Degrees and both Dr Apocalypse win scenarios correctly hooked up. [#2338]
  • Fixed: Large temperature increases now make the Amazon collapse more certain than previous logic. [#3009]
  • Fixed: Playing Tobin Tax in all twelve regions correctly triggers the 'Tax Man' achievement. [#3037]
  • Fixed: Some categories of wildfires could play both defended and undefended versions. [#3242]
  • Fixed: Some tidal impacts at di fferent levels were triggering at the same time. [#3247]
  • Changes: end-turn summary page is skipped if you lose by being banned from all regions. [#2582]
  • Fixed: cards and dealers declared in one data file could not be replaced by definitions from a second, later-sorted data file [#3187]
  • Fixed: End-turn emission summary screen scales emissions values more appropriately [#3188]
  • Fixed: Instrument predictor pointers now animate correctly after loading a save game. [#2673]
  • Fixed: Telemetry UI is now reset when starting a new mission. [#2360]
  • Fixed: typo in 'clathrate mining starts' impact effect [#3084]
Known issues:
  • Game crashes with a "Failed to DrawPrimitive" message. This most probably means that you do not have enough Video Memory to run the game (you need at least 512MB). Try setting "Texture Quality" to "Low" or "Medium" in the Options screen. [#2726]
  • Game occasionally crashes when alt-tabbing from fullscr een. [#2517]
  • Steam version of the game fails to start with Zone Alarm installed. Workaround: Uninstall Zone Alarm Toolbar. [#2738]
  • Game has been reported to quit to desktop after the 'Please Wait' message on Windows XP. [#2716]
  • Game UI can be extremely slow if you have ASUS gamingOSD or ASUS smartdoctor installed. [#2757]
  • Sometimes sound will fail to initialise; restarting generally fixes this but the sound will never recover without a restart. [#2169]
  • The game will crash when launching from steam if you have a Air Display's virtual graphics adapter running. As a work around you can disable this adapter. [#2780]
  • UI becomes sluggish after several hours of play [#2695]
  • Energy telemetry pane can sometimes show > 100% energy use under certain conditions (such as large renewable energy numbers) [#3002]
  • "Expand coal/oil/gas" can sometimes be played when there is no more of that resource available. [#3151]
  • Stacked gr aphs with negative components do not represent the totals properly. [#2468]
  • When updating to a new version of the game, any modified files owned by the game will not be updated. The workaround is to uninstall the game completely, then reinstall it. [#3237]
  • Height of stacked graph columns sometimes do not add up to the total for the stat. [#2591]
  • The game is not compatible with MaxiVista software - please turn off the software and/or any devices connected that way before running the game. [#2921]
  • The globe becomes stretched horizontally after the game has been left idle for a long period of time. [#1836]
  • Annual Emissions Summary tooltips and Temperature/Emission screen predictors react too strongly to changes in the previous turn. [#2721]

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