CS 1.6 Hack Plugin

  • Allows all clients in server to enable whichever hacks they want on themselves. While a hack is active on them, they will glow red if on T and blue if on CT.

  • say /aimbot
  • say /esp
  • say /speed
  • say /norecoil

  • aimbot_on
    • 1=on 0=off (Default: 1)
  • esp_on
    • 1=on 0=off (Default: 1)
  • speed_on
    • 1=on 0=off (Default: 1)
  • recoil_on
    • 1=on 0=off (Default: 1)
  • speedhack_speed
    • Speed of Speedhack (Default: 500.0)

Note: Not changing the plugin to be admin only, so do not even ask.
Note: ESP gives possibility to take up all of the hud channels disallowing other plugins to show HUD messages.
Note: Hacks will not work as good as a client-side hack would work because of lag and HL's interp. There is nothing I can do about this.

Requires CHR_Engine Stocks. (So download .amxx file instead of using the "Get Plugin" link.)
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