CS 1.6 amx freeze plugin

by Drekes

Makes it able for admins to freeze a player, this will make him unable to move or jump.

amx_freeze_knife_only 0/1 Makes a frozen player hold only his knife

amx_freeze <@all/@T/@CT/player> <0/1>

seconds is optional.

v1.0: - Release

v1.1: - Merged several functions. darkgod's suggestion
- Remade the activity code. darkgod's suggestion
- Changed the numtime code. darkgod's suggestion
- Added a timer. Elite Taco's suggestion
- Added cvar for game-monitor

v1.2: - Changed way of freezing Many peoples suggestion
- knife only (cvar)

v1.3: - Added @ct/@t/@all support ConnorMcleod's suggestion.
- Filtered curweapon ConnorMcleod's suggestion.
- changed timer code.

v1.4: - Converted to fakemeta.
- Made cstrike version.

v1.5: - Blocked players view when frozen. ConnorMcleod's suggestion.
- Used bits to check and set frozen players. ConnorMcleod's suggestion.

v1.6: - Remove reduntant code. ConnorMcleod's suggestion.
- Removed cstrike version since
get_user_team isn't used anymore.
- unregistered PlayerPreThink when it's not
needed. ConnorMcLeod's suggestion.

v1.7: - optimized code ConnorMcLeod's suggestion.

v1.8: - Changed syntax of command Seta00's suggestion.

- RedRobster: Helping me find an annoying mistake that kept crashing my server.
- Bugsy: For the bitfield tutorial and the macro's.
- ConnorMcleod / ArkShine / Seta00: Suggestions to improve the plugin.
- All the other people that suggested and helped improving the plugin

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