Counter Strike Plugin amx_bankrupt


Description: If its set to 1, the player's money will become 0 and the user can not receive any money until its set back to 0. This is useful to block campers buying good guns at new rounds. It can also be used for pistol mode were the only pistols they get when they spawn is the only gun. If set to 2 the player's money will just become 0 but allowing them to receive money.

Commands: amx_bankrupt <authid, nick, or #userid> <2|1|0> -- requires ADMIN_SLAY
amx_bankruptmode <2|1|0> -- requires ADMIN_LEVEL_A
PHP Code:
//allow immunity 1 - yes 2 - no
#define immune_on 1 
Module(s): cstrike

-added another option for setting bankrupt
-remove @team and @ALL
-added amx_bankruptmode <2|1|0>
-now checks immunity on cmd amx_bankrupt

AssKicR for the admin_ammo's source code
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