How to Make Record Counter Strike Frag Video Movie

Download These softwares:

  • KL Mega Codec pack
  • VirtualDubMod

Install them ( Virtual dub doesnt need to be installed ,just extract & keep in some folder).

Step by Step Procedure:

  1. You must know how to record demo's of counter strike.If you dont know goto End of this post & see Demo Recording section.
  2. Play the demo by typing "viewdemo demoname" in console
  3. Watch demo, from where you want to record your movie.
  4. Type this in console "startmovie demo 90"
  5. Game will go really slow as it is capturing all bmp ( dont minimize game)
  6. when you want to stop recording type endmovie in console
  7. Now you need to start Virtualdubmod.
  8. Click on File>Open Video File
  9. Browse to cstrike folder of your cs installation
  10. you will see many .bmp's in that folder, that are the pictures of what we recorded
  11. we will join those bmp's to make a video
  12. select the first .bmp & click Open
  13. Open Video menu & click Fast Recompress
  14. Again Video menu & select compression
  15. Select Uncompressed RGB on left side & click OK
  16. Open video menu & select Frame rate.
  17. Under Source Rate adjustment, select 'Change to' and type 90 there.
  18. Then File>Save As , then save it with any name
  19. The size of this avi file will be extremely large as it is uncompressed.
  20. Now you have 1 clip of your movie, record as much as u want, but delete all bmp's from cstrike folder
  21. Before you make another clip
  22. After you have several clips, Edit them in Sony Vegas or Adobe After Effects or any other video editing software u want.
  23. Then Select File>Render As.
  24. Under Save as type, select "Video for Windows (*.avi) , then click custom on right side
  25. A new window will open,select Default Template ( UNCOMPRESSED) on top menu & Select Best in "Video Rendering Quality"
  26. Click ok,and then click Save
  27. Now our movie is ready but it still has huge size,isnt it ?
  28. Now we will compress it with Xvid Codec.
  29. Run VirualDubmod,File>Open video File. Open the file we just saved from sony vegas
  30. Repeat steps 13 to 17 but this time,on compression window, select "Xvid MPEG-4 Codec"
  31. Click Configure on right side, a new window will open, Click on Load Defaults.
  32. Now click on 'Target Quantizer' so it will change to 'Target Bitrate'.
  33. There is box in front of it, Type 4000 in it .... Click OK...Click ok Again & do step 18

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