CS 1.6 HEV Suit [Mark V]

.:: Table of Contents ::.
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How to install
Change log

.:: Description ::.

With this plugin, players will be able to buy HEV (Hazardous EnVironments) Suit. They will recieve extra armor, item_longjump (can be disabled by cvar) and suit will "talk". Like in Half Life 1.

.:: Commands ::.
Note: The prefix of these commands can be: "say .", "say_team .", "say /", "say_team /"
hev - Buy HEV Suit / Refill armor and health
hevvoice - Enable/disable HEV suit's voice
Note: These commands will be available only for player with flag "e" (ADMIN_SLAY)
amx_givehev < name | #userid > - Give player HEV Suit
amx_damagehev < name | #userid > - Damage user's HEV Suit's system
Note: This command will work if you have installed menu plugin too (also you must have flag "e", ADMIN_SLAY)
amx_hevmenu - Opens HEV Suit's menu. (Give/Damage HEV Suit)

.:: Cvars ::.
amx_hevsuitcost (default: 3000)
Cost of HEV Suit

amx_hevsuitarmor (default: 255)
How much armor player will recieve if he/she will buy HEV Suit

amx_hevsuitlongjump (default: 1)
0 - Disable getting long jump along with suit
1 - Enable getting long jump along with suit

amx_hevaccess (default: 0)
0 - Everyone can buy HEV Suit
1 - Only terrorists can buy HEV Suit
2 - Only counter-terrorists can buy HEV Suit
3 - Only players with flag "e" (ADMIN_SLAY) can buy HEV Suit

amx_hevshortlogon (default: 0)
0 - HEV Suit's logon will be long. ("Welcome to the HEV Mark V...", "High impact reactive armor activated", "atmospheric ... sensors activated" etc...)
1 - HEV Suit's logon will be short (Only "Welcome" and "Have a very safe day")

.:: Requirements ::.
Counter Strike Mod
cstrike module
fun module
hamsandwich module

.:: Recommendation ::.

You should use LongJump Enabler plugin. Otherwise, long jump will not work.

.:: How to Install ::.
Download plugin (you can also install menu for this plugin.)
Download ML file
Put file "hev_suit.amxx" in this folder: cstrike/addons/amxmodx/plugins
Put file "hev_suit.txt" in this folder: cstrike/addons/amxmodx/data/lang
Open file "plugins.ini" which is located here: cstrike/addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini
Add this text at the end of the file: hev_suit.amxx
Save and close file
Change map on your server or restart it

.:: Changelog ::.

Version Mark V - 11 June, 2010
Added: More sounds
Changed CVAR "amx_hevadminsonly" to "amx_hevaccess". See Cvars.

Version Mark V - 6 May, 2010
Added: High impact reactive armor. Now HEV Suit absorbs 80% of damage. (You recieve only 20% of damage)

Version Mark IV - 25 April, 2010
Added: CVAR "amx_hevshortlogon". See Cvars
Changed code. Lots of updates. Suit will not spam anymore. Now it also detects:
blood loss
minor/major lacerations
internal bleeding
blood toxins
hazardous chemicals
radiation levels
Suit will tell you to evacuate area if player vital signs are dropping (under water)

Version 2.8 - 6 April, 2010
Added: More sounds. Thanks to tuty
Optimized code. Thanks to Pavel
Added: Cvar "amx_hevadminsonly". If enabled, only players with flag "e" (ADMIN_SLAY) will be available to buy HEV Suit

Version 2.5 - 30 March, 2010
Fixed: Bug with restoring power and health was still appearing if user disabled voice system
Added: More sounds
Fixed: Bug. If user's HEV Suit was disabled because of insufficent power, when he was typing in chat /hev, he was buying a new suit instead of restoring power and health

Version 2.2 - 26 March, 2010
Added: More sounds
Added: Command "amx_damagehev". Now admins can damage player's HEV Suit's system and it will no longer work
Added: Command "amx_givehev". Now admins can give HEV Suit to players

Version 1.9 - 21 March, 2010
Fixed: Bug. User was losing item_longjump next round
Added: More sounds
Fixed: Bug. Even if voice system was disabled it was still saying "vitalsigns critical"
Added: If armor is lower than 30, HEV Suit will shut down
Added: More sounds

Version 1.4 - 7 March, 2010
Optimized code a bit. Thanks to Pavel
Added: Long jump. Now players will have item_longjump when they will buy HEV Suit. (Can be disabled by cvar)
Fixed: ML. Thanks to Arkshine
Fixed: Bug with damage. If player had lower health than 100, at next round it was saying "minor fracture detected"

Version 1.0 - 7 March, 2010
First public release

.:: Credits ::.

Plugin Author
Alex "fR4gn0tiX!" Managadze

English translation
Alex "fR4gn0tiX!" Managadze

Russian translation
Alex "fR4gn0tiX!" Managadze

Dutch translation

German translation

Bulgarian translation

Spanish translation

Swedish translation

Romanian translation

Serbian translation

Slovak translation

Czech translation

Danish translation

Brazilian Portuguese translation

Servers running this plugin

Made in Georgia
© 2010


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