CS 1.6 Config Adder through amx

Config Adder

.: Description :.

This plugin allow, while in-game or from server console, to add some configs commands or cvars in
server.cfg, game.cfg, amxx.cfg, mapname.cfg, prefix_mapprefix.cfg.
Also allow to create folder and to write any file.

.: Commands :.

addcfg_server < cfg string >
Add a config in server.cfg
addcfg_game < cfg string >
Add a config in game.cfg
addcfg_amxx < cfg string >
Add a config in $configsdir/amxx.cfg
addcfg_map < cfg string >
Add a config in $configsdir/maps/currentmapname.cfg
addcfg_prefix < cfg string >
If current mapname has a prefix, add a config in $configsdir/maps/prefix_currentmapprefix.cfg
amx_write_file < file path > < string to write >
Add a line in specified file if folder path can be reached
amx_make_dir < folder path >
Create a directory

.: Examples :.

addcfg_game mp_timelimit 30
addcfg_prefix mp_timelimit 20
addcfg_map mp_timelimit 8
amx_make_dir misc
amx_write_file misc/dont_forget.txt Buy some bread.
amx_write_file addons/amxmodx/configs/clcmds.ini "Make user quit." "quit" "cd" "u"
amx_write_file addons/amxmodx/configs/cvars.ini "sv_alltalk" "0" "1" "u"

.: ChangeLog :.

v0.0.2 19 dec 2010
- added command amx_write_file
- added command amx_make_dir

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