Advanced Voice Communiction System

Vocom Admin
Version: 1.3
Platform: AMX-X 1.76
Tested: Win32, Linux - AMX Mod X 1.76c


This plugin allows admins (who have the required access level) to bind a key to +adminvoice and chat via
vocom to other admins, regular players (or admins who don't have the required listen level) can not hear the voice chat.

Advanced Voice Communication System that has separate speaking channels, ability for admins to mute players, summon people to channels, dismiss people from channels, broadcast to all channels, listen to all channels, have a private discussion with a player. The players them selves can mute a specific player to them, or tune to a special channel where they'll hear virtually no voice communication, pull up an motd window that shows them what channel everyone is in. And it includes a menu for easy use for the most frequent commands.

Bind a key to +adminvoice

This plugin is based off the idea by KCE (
and Zor (
The modified code snipplet comes from watch ( who's idea on
how to get around the set_client_listening() bug, made this plugin possible.

Change Log:
v0.1 - v0.8 - Basic plugin functionality coded.
v0.9 - Added abilitiy to define what admin level you want for talk/listen
v1.0 - inital release
v1.1 - fixed non admins being able to see chat
v1.2 - fixed people being able to see "is talking to admin" by non admins.
v1.3 - fixed admin level problems by checking it once and storing it.
v1.4 - removed some unneeded thiings and cleaned up code

NOTE: Theoretically this should work for all mods, it is not NS specific, although I only tested it on NS
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