CS 1.6 no more reconnects

AMX NoReconnects:
This plugin is applicable to servers running a single map server (24/7 Militia etc etc) . At the end of a map , instead of reconnecting and downloading the security module again , the plugins just makes the server restart the rounds at exactly 3 seconds before the end of the map. so u only download the security module once through out ur time at the server

im an admin at a 24/7 militia server and live in sydney australia. it takes me 20 seconds to reconnect and dl the module at every new map rotation whereas for ppl from US it jus takes like 3 secs . so i thought why not instead of reconnecting every map rotation why no jus restart the rounds.

note: this plugin is intended and tested only for single map servers(24/7 militia , 24/7 de dust, etc etc)

AMX NoReconnects
version 1.00
by: .:{EK}:. SQUALL

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