Demo view config to make frag movie

My demo viewing config -
Instead of using playdemo;
Use viewdemo

Then load this config


(insert .cfg file inside your /cstrike folder)

C:\Programs and Files\Steam\steamapps\[Your-Username]\counter-strike\cstrike

or copy and make your own

// - Demo Viewing Script
//bind f4 Go back 5 seconds
//bind f5 Go forward 5 seconds
//bind f6 Go back 15 seconds
//bind f7 Slow Motion
//bind f8 Fast Motion
//bind f9 Normal Motion

alias back5 "dem_jump -5;wait;dem_pause 0"
alias forw5 "dem_jump 5;wait;dem_pause 0"
alias back15 "dem_jump -15;wait;dem_pause 0"
alias spdnormal "dem_speed 1;wait;dem_pause 0"
alias spdfast "dem_speed 4;wait;dem_pause 0"
alias spdslow "dem_speed .25;wait;dem_pause 0"

bind f4 "back5"
bind f5 "forw5"
bind f6 "back15"
bind f7 "spdslow"
bind f8 "spdfast"
bind f9 "spdnormal"

sv_voicecodec voice_speex
sv_voicequality 5

Also to hear ingame voices when possible, just start a new LAN game & load the config then viewdemo demoname.cfg

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