CS 1.6 deagle power | Golden Deagle

With this plugin on your server, the deagle has other skin and shakes when attack. Also, at a kill with headshot, a red thunder appears on the left of the screen and random effect are applied to victim.
If a player makes 2 kills with headshot (cvar), the map lighting is dark for 2 seconds and a hudmessage with 'name: Deagle Warrior' appears on the left of the screen (cvar)

Info: The models are defined like this in code:

- added cvar to control changing model
- map lighting change on x headshots
- added hs effects.
- added screen flash
- remove sound cvar.


deagle_power 1/0 - enable/disable plugin (default 1)
deagle_power_shake 1/0 - enable/disabled shake on hs (default 1)
deagle_power_icon 1/0 - enable/disabled thunder icon (default 1)
deagle_power_screenflash 1/0 - enable/disable screenflash victim if hitplace was head (default 1)
deagle_power_explode 1/0 - enable/disable headshot effects: thunder,explode,blood (default 1)
deagle_power_light 1/0 - enable/disable map lightning change (default 1)
deagle_power_lightduration 1/0 - duration in seconds for dark lightning
deagle_power_hs - number of kills with headshots a player must make to change the lights (default 3)
deagle_power_model 1/0 - enable/disable changing model


models. rar (712.9 KB, 11554 views)
Get Plugin or Get Source (deagle_power.sma - 6774 views - 8.4 KB)

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