Counter Strike Hide and Seek plugin

Terrorists will have a certain amount of time to hide when the CTs are frozen.
When the hidingtime is over, the Terrorists, who have no weapons, must avoid getting killed by the CTs.
Teams will swap when all terrorists are killed or when x rounds have passed (cvar controlled).
Deathmatch Mode: Instant teamswitch for seekers that kill hiders (cvar controlled).

hns_enable 1/0
- Enables or disables the plugin (default: 1)
hns_votegametype 1/0
- If set, there will be a vote for game type on the start of each map (deathmatch or normal mode). Disable to have only normal mode or deathmatch mode. (default: 1)
hns_halfwayvote 1/0
- If set and deathmatch mode is on, a vote for gametype will re-appear halfway through the game. (default: 1)
hns_deathmatch 1/0
- Enables or disables deathmatch mode (default: 0). After enabling, map should be changed.
hns_gamename gamename
- Sets the game description

hns_timer 0-∞
- How long the hiding time is (default: 10)
hns_fadecolor red green blue alpha
- Sets the color of fadecolor, alpha is transparency (default: 0 0 0 255)
hns_switch 0-∞
- Number of rounds CTs have to lose in a row before the teams automatically switch, (default: 5, to disable: 0)
hns_slash 0-∞
- Number of rounds CTs have to lose in a row before they can use slash, default: 3 (default: 3, to disable: 0)
hns_flashbangs 0-3
- Number of flashbangs Terrorists receive
hns_hegrenade 0-3
- 0: Disable, 1: Hiders get a HE-Grenade, 2: Seekers, 3: Both (default: 0)
hns_smokegrenade 0-3
- 0: Disable, 1: Hiders get a smoke grenade, 2: Seekers, 3: Both (default: 1)
hns_nadesbeginning 1/0
- Should terrorists receive grenades at spawn or after timer (default: 0)
hns_sound 1/0
- Enables or disables countdown sound in hide time, (default: 1)
hns_semiclip 1/0
- Enables or disables team semiclip (default: 1)
hns_pickup 1/0
- Enables or disables blocking of weapon pickup (default: 1)
hns_fakeknife 0/1/2
- Enables or disables a fake knife for Terrorists to avoid speed bug. 0: disable, 1: invisible knife, 2: visible knife (default: 1)
hns_chooseteam 1/0
- Enables or disables players ability to choose a team (default: 0)
hns_blockkill 1/0
- Enables/disables blocking of kill command in console
hns_footsteps 0/1/2
- 1 = Terrorists have no footsteps, 2 = CT, 0 = disable (default: 1)
hns_noflash 1/0
- If enabled, terrorists will not be affected by flashbangs (default: 1)
hns_removedoors 1/0
- Enables or disables removal of doors (default: 1)
hns_removebreakables 1/0
- Enables or disables removal of breakables, not removed on: any map containing "dust", de_piranesi, de_train (e.g vents, default: 1)
hns_newnades 1/0
- Should the last terrorist get new nades (default: 1)
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