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UPDATE - Version 2.00 Released!
This mod removes dead mode from Counter-Strike, letting CS servers have varying styles of Deathmatch play.


CSDM is modular. You can choose to only run the module itself, which does efficient and accurate respawning and has other optimized capabilities, or you can enhance it with CSDM plugins. The available plugins are:
Equip - Weapons/equipment menu
Presets - Random preset spawning
Misc - Various miscellanious features
Protection - Configurable spawn protection
Tickets - Lets you have round ticketing
Spawn Editor - Menu GUI for editing map spawns
The module portion was coded by me (BAILOPAN), the plugins were a team effort by me and Freecode. Huge thanks to Riddick51 of UFC for sponsoring CSDM2 development. CSDM2 is a total rewrite of CSDM1, focusing on massive optimizations and much more flexibility.

If you want a map to be supported, contact me, or read the readme on how to do it yourself, and then submit to me the ent/spawn definition file.

The CSDM package is attached this post. Click here to read the documentation. Simply extract it and edit your config files. Make sure to read csdm.cfg to tweak your settings!

Latest changelog:
2.00 Release Build 500 (10-18-2005)
Completely rewrote CSDM to be a modular API.
CSDM is now a module, controlled by separate plugins.
Configuration is through a unified file, rather than cvars.
Replaced spawn commands with a graphical, intuitive spawn editor.
Improved spawn algorithms.
Rounds can be blocked correctly again.
ResetHUD exploits no longer work.
Added round-ticketing mode.
Removed all support for AMX Mod (all versions).
Removed all support for earlier versions of CS.
Removed "item" and "ffa" modes (to be re-added later).
Vastly reduced base CPU usage.

csdm-2.00. zip (283.9 KB, 452737 views)

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