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BombSite Lock


This plugin allows you to lock bombsite(s), preventing them from being used. When a bombsite is locked, the player currently holding the bomb will have a HUD message indicating which bombsite(s) are locked. Bombsite locks will remain from round to round but not between map changes. There are cvars to control if and how bombsites are automatically locked depending on the number of CT players on the server.


bl_bombsitemenu - Self explanatory.
bl_setbombsite - Manually locks a single bombsite.
Usage bl_setbombsite a/b 0/1
a or b being the bombsite, 0=unlock, 1=lock


bl_allowplantctnum - Minimum number of CT players required to allow bomb planting (both sites would be locked if less).
Default: 0 (0=disabled or any number as # CT of players)
bl_locksitectnum - Minimum number of CT players required to have both bombsites open for planting. If there are less CT players, one of the bombsites (defined by cvar bl_locksite) will be locked.
Default: 2 (0=disabled or any number as # CT of players)
bl_locksite - The bombsite that will be locked if the number of CT players is less than bl_locksitectnum value.
Default: b (Must be a or b)


Menu ScreenShot

Added support for all maps (experimental).
Bombsites on all of the standard CS maps with an A and B designation should all work properly according to A and B naming. Maps without an A and B designation will still be treated as A and B by the plugin; A and B is chosen by the plugin based on which bombsite entity is spawned first. If you notice a map where A and B are handled by the plugin oppositely, let me know and I can correct it.
Menu will now display only the available commands for use. ie, if A is already locked, "Lock A" menu item will be disabled etc.
Fixed bug which affected the HUD being displayed to the user holding the bomb.
Added cvars to control auto-locking of bombsites. See above.
Download Here
Get Plugin or Get Source (bombsite_lock.sma - 500 views - 9.0 KB)

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