How to make Counter Strike 1.6 Frag movie

Counter Strike 1.6 demo or movie making
With Screen Recorder(Easy)
A simple tutorials explains how to make cs 1.6 frag movie
During gameplay open (~) console, give it a command like this

record X

X will be the name of your demo file, so you can change it whatever you like,
And when you want to stop recording, write in console


The file name X.dem will be saved, This file can be found in (C:/Program File/Steam/Valve/cstrike) in CSTRIKE folder named as X.dem
This .dem file can only be played in cs 1.6 to play the demo open (~)console and give command.

viewdemo X.dem


playdemo X.dem

Your demo will be played,
Best way to view your demo is by using the DEMO VIEWING CFG
Now Convert this demo into a movie, by using a screen recording software
Click Here and download any one Screen Recorder.
Play the demo and Capture the game screen, Use any appropriate format to capture.
You can further edit this video by using any Video Editor
Click Here1 Click Here2 Some Video Editors.

Now your video is ready to upload.

With Movie Maker (Complex but better)
Record a demo by using the above same command

record csdemo.dem

after you finish recording play the demo by using

viewdemo csdemo.dem

Best way to view your demo is by using the DEMO VIEWING CFG
and then enter a command like this

startmovie x 30

startmovie is command , x is the name of file, and 30 is fps

after you finish type


to stop movie recording,

after that you will see lots of images in "cstrike" folder,

open a movie making software

i use video match, Sony Vega Pro is also recommended.

Now grab all the images from cstrike folder to movie maker

Start editing and export this movie in any recommended video format.

Upload it and enjoy.

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