CS Rates, Choke and Loss Explained

Broadband quick start

Improving Choke

To improve choke you can:

1. Change your rate setting to be similar or equal to what the servers is, if possible. This enables you to have as much bandwidth as the server can provide.

2. Lower your cl_updaterate so you are requesting less game packets per second.

3. Get a good computer, with a good Network Card.

4. Upgrade to a faster Internet connection.

5. Politely and nicely request the Server hosts buy better servers and to put them on faster connections.

Client Side
rate is the number of bytes per second that the client is able to accept, when rate andsv_maxrate differ, the lower of the two will be used.

cl_updaterate is the number of game packets per second the client will attempt to request off the server. This should be no higher than 100 or the maximum number of frames per second you are getting, and should be no lower than 20.
interp - frame interpolation ON/OFF. Since ver 1.6 this has been locked at the default 0.1. Type interp by itself to toggle off then on. The default is that it is on. Those with cheats may still be able to change this value.
fps_max - Sets the maximum frame rate that CS will try to display. Usually fps_max=100, for crappier graphic cards or computers fps_max=60. Set this to no more than 100 as any more is a waste/not possible.
fps_modem - Is the minimum frame rate that CS will display. You can set this the same as fps_max.


cl_FlushEntityPacket - This error can be caused by having your cl_cmdrate and cl_updaterate set too high for the current rate. Your ping will go crazy and CS will hardly update at all causing weird problems. Try lowering the cl_updaterate and cl_cmdrate to 50, or 40. You might also try increasing the rate if you have a fast enough connection (as you increase the rate watch your loss, once your rate is too high you will get loss - lower the rate till you get no loss). With a frame rate of 60 and cl_cmdrate of 40 is still very playable. Down to 30 and you will start to notice a delay between you instruction and the result, ie when buying weapons for instance. The optimal cl_cmdrate and cl_updaterate would match the frame rate (what you set fps_max and fps_modem too).
choke - You'll probably experience some choke when things get busy, small amounts for a small time under 10 is ok. If it is consistantly going too high and effecting play, or it is present when there is nothing much happening then your cl_cmdrate and cl_updaterate are too high. Experiment and bring them down by 5, see how you like it and see how the choke goes. You'll notice your ping goes down as you lower the cl_updaterate and cl_cmdrate because you are taking the load off your connection, which is not necessarily a good thing if you don't get updated quickly enough!

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