Basic Guide for New Comers newbies

Some Terms used during Matches,


A five-man - when one person kills the rest of the other team. See also TD.


Buy AK and armour and rush hard.


Get rifle, full armour, HE grenade, kit/flash Grenade, partial primary ammo, flash, full primary ammo, smoke.


A choke point is a point in the map where the action is concentrated into one small area, eg. On de_dust - the CT entrance to tunnel near the doors is a choke point. Also a point on the map where a whole team can be held by 1 or 2 opposition players only, or a point also know as a deathtrap, (the room between the 2 sets of double doors at long A on dust2 is a good example of a deathtrap) where if two or three HE Grenades come flying in, your whole team is dead or as good as, and the round is effectively over without even firing a shot.


Winning the round when the odds are stacked against you. The more the odds are stacked against the player or the more important the round win, the bigger the clutch.


Cover means 2 things: You either stand right in front of the guy you are covering so you get shot first, or cover a point on the map so the enemy must engage you before they see the guy you are covering!


The Desert Eagle rush where you buy Desert Eagle and armour, and rush if you think opponent is weak in a particular area, that might enable you to win a round back after loss of previous round.


DO NOT BUY ANYTHING, ESPECIALLY GUNS!! Short for economy, used to save money for the next round so you can afford better weapons.




Terrorists creating a diversion to make it appear that a particular bombsite is the primary objective. Against bad teams the FAKE bomb site often becomes the primary, after your 1 or 2 players annihilates the opposition. Also used by Counter-Terrorists to make it appear that they are holding a particular area of the map strongly.


"Good Game". General courtesy extended to the opposition at the end of the war for playing against you. Also used to indicate that the war has ended and the player/clan intends on leaving the server, because a result has been achieved. Teams and players who do not say GG at the end of a war (no matter how well they did) are considered impolite and poor losers.


"Good Half". General courtesy extended to the opposition at the end of the first half of a war.


Sneaking your way in for a bomb plant or a bomb defuse. Also used in the context of outflanking the opposition in a manner that is wholly unexpected, usually due to stealth, eg. Hiding while all opposition runs past you, then shooting them in the arse. Also referred to as "NINJA"


"Good Luck, Have Fun". General courtesy extended to the opposition at the beginning of the war for playing against you.


Live On Three. The typical method used to commence a war, where the round will restart three times. The war begins after the third restart.


Buy MP5, full armour, HE grenade, kit/flash Grenade, partial primary ammo, flash, full primary ammo, smoke grenade.


Maximum Rounds Nine: Nine rounds maximum will be played per half before you change sides. First Team to score a total of 10 rounds, wins the map.


Maximum Rounds Twelve: Twelve rounds maximum will be played per half before you change sides. First Team to score a total of 13 rounds, wins the map.


Maximum Rounds Fifteen: Fifteen rounds maximum will be played per half before you change sides. First Team to score a total of 16 rounds, wins the map.


No Live/Not Live: Quick way to indicate that the current round is not live. If you have an AFK on your team, you'd type out NL to make sure the other team doesn't try and LO3, for example.


New Map. Abbreviated way to ask for a new map.


Over-Time. If the combined total of both halves results in a draw, then Over-Time is played. This usually consists of Max Rounds Three, mp_startmoney $10,000 rules.


European equivalent of the word SCRIM, standing for Practice Clan War, means a game which does not mean anything but is played for practice or to test out tactics.


The art of picking off your opponents one at a time who are camping in high probable positions with a pre-aimed shot, or camping a spot waiting for the opposition to appear in a very tightly defined kill zone.


The guy at the front.


Moving into an offensive position rather than a defensive position. Usually used to describe Counter-Terrorists who have moved out of the normal defensive position in an attempt to out flank the opposition.


How Counter-Terrorists reposition their team mates in an attempt to redress a perceived or actual tactical disadvantage. eg. Losing a player in a key position will cause the Counter-Terrorists to rotate a player from a less key position, to fill the void left by the dead team mate. The definition also applies to terrorists. For example, if while moving towards one site you encounter a lot of enemies, you may choose to rotate to the other site where you hope to face less resistance.


Stack means you put all your eggs in one basket and place most, if not all your players in the one area of the map, either as in a Terrorist RUSH or protecting one bomb site only as Counter-Terrorist. It can also mean having multiple players stand on each others heads, usually with 2 or 3 players, as in the famous de_dust2 double door CT NOA stack. Stacking is great for situations where your team is saving (for example, after losing the previous round), since you will often find yourself with poor guns (USP/Glock) vs. the more powerful weapons of your opponents.


When one player kills the entire opposition in a single round. A TD in a CLUTCH situation on the round that decides the map in a final, is about as impressive as you can get.

Learn How to use Radar.
  • Have your team agree the names of map positions so everybody knows what you are talking about in the previous points. Even go so far as labelling a map (as shown in the example below) and put it on a web site or transfer it to each of your members some how. You don't even have to agree with the names I given to these locations (dust2 if you're not aware), just as long as everybody on your team knows wtf you are talking about. I may even make some for the war maps later if hassled enough, but don't expect anything to grand.

  • Don't run behind each other, fan out in as widespread a pattern as possible, so you can't get owned by a single player. You may want to disobey this deliberately if you have a specific flash rush strat, but I think it will be rare.
  • Don't block your team mates in, the guy in the line of fire has right of way.
  • Do stay as close as possible to your team mates when attacking without blocking your team mates.
  • Don't run with your knife out, at least have a pistol out.
  • Do run from spawn at the start of round with your knife out when it is your intention to get to a choke point as soon as possible.
  • Don't make any noise whatsoever unless you really really have to, (This applies equally to Counter-Terrorists, as it does to Terrorists) one foot step, zoom sound, or weapon switch is all it can take to alert the enemy to your position. This includes throwing grenades, shooting, and switching weapons unnecessarily.
  • You can move quickly when there is a lot of gun fire and grenades going off as the sound of Gun Fire, Especially AK's, which will cover the sounds of your footsteps. It is one of the reasons why people use silenced Colts in wars.
  • Another reason to use a silenced Colt, is so you can hear the thud of your bullets hitting the enemy when you are shooting through walls, etc.
  • Do make a lot of noise if it is your intention to act as a decoy or create a diversion.
  • Learn to tell the number of opponents by the sounds of their footsteps. Its easy to pick a lone opponent versus 2 sets of running footsteps, which in turn can usually be differentiated from 3 or more, at which point you are going to be able to say, "there are at least 3 enemy at location X".
  • Don't break Windows and Vents when you are close to them, or you need them intact to alert you to possible enemy movement.
  • Do break Windows and Vents when you are far away from them and its to your advantage that they punched out. Punching the top vents on de_nuke as Counter-Terrorist, the bottom vents of de_nuke before you plant in the bottom site as a Terrorist, the Vent in the Counter-Terrorists Sniper nest on de_inferno as Terrorists are good examples of these. Don't punch the bottom vents as Terrorists on de_nuke, if there is only 1-2 of you left, since you do not have the player numbers to COVER like you would if you had 4 or 5 players left alive.
  • It can be advantageous to pick up other teams guns, so if you are a Terrorist you have a Colt or if you are a Counter-Terrorist you have an AK, since you may get a slight delay in response because opponents cannot tell your gun sound from their own teams gun sound. This slight delay in response time can make all the difference.
  • Don't allow yourself to get picked off from obvious camping spots. Learn to know where these camping spots are and avoid them when possible.
  • Don't stand still to take on a camped enemy. You will just get spammed to death along with the rest of you team. The entrance to site B on dust2 from the tunnels is a classic example of why you don't stop to take the guys camped outside B double doors. You will die and cause the rest of your team to die as the get stuck behind your lifeless body.
  • POINT should be a guy with a rifle excepting special places on maps where an AWP'er should go first. In which case the point man should act as a fast moving decoy to attract fire from snipers, and let your snipers have a free shot.
  • POINT always watches the front, and sweeps all corners as you move around map, rest of team watches spots opposition can appear from once the point guy has swept that spot, UNLESS
  • Whoever is last in line, looks backward to COVER your backs and should also have a Rifle, unless you are going to hang right back with a AWP.
  • Pair up, and make sure you pair up a strong players with a weak players. The weak players should be the point and act as decoy for strong players.
  • Don't bait your teammates. That is to say, if you are rushing out, don't let your teammate run out on their own without backup and don't run straight for cover at the first sign of gun fire. This principal is very important when dealing with an opposition AWP, because if you don't move out together, you will get picked off one at a time, when you should be able to go 1 for 1.
  • Don't rambo, at least not against good teams/players. If your teammate(s) are 10 meters behind you, they are not really going to be able to give you very good support? If they have just shot a whole clip of ammo, they are going to be reloading right? Why weren't you out there shooting at the opposition as well in the first place? If they have bought grenades, they are going to want to use them at appropriate locations, right? You running out like a headless chicken is not going to help one bit, and ruins the perfectly good flash they were going to throw, because you are now in the way, AND they have to also switch back to a real gun!
  • Baiting is a legitimate tactic in wars if done deliberately, especially if it enables your team to eliminate the best player on the opposing team for the loss of only one of your own and preferably weakest players. Done often enough, it destroys the confidence of the good player and demoralises the opposition. Just remember if you are the bait, to give the exact location of the opposition player, don't just run without looking.
  • When working in pairs, the front guy should be crouched while the guy right behind him stands. Guys in front should generally be crouched when working their way quietly around a map. Feel free to ignore this if your location is well and truly known to opposition.
  • When working in pairs approaching a single sided corner, learn to work out the correct distance you need to be so the inside guy and far side guy reveal themselves at the same time. The inside guy needs to be at the front.
  • When approaching entrances with 2 sides, the left hand guy looks right, the right hand guy looks left. I know this sounds like really basic stuff, but I've seen this screwed up often.
  • Do shoot close and far corners of walls, doors and boxes as you move around the map, to push opposition players out of position. Practiced enough, you can even get kills this way.
  • Do spam walls and boxes of likely camping positions of enemy players as you move around the map.
  • When spamming, do not have the whole team doing it at once, learn to alternate between yourselves and only empty half a clip at a time, then reload. This ensures that somebody has a gun out with ammo, and you can cancel your reload sequence if the opposition comes, and not be entirely defenceless.
  • You must learn what the good positions on a map are, and what the bad positions on a map are, and you must learn not to get caught out of position that leaves you in a situation where you are going to die for little or no value. eg. Dying without getting a shot off = bad. Dying and killing 3 of the enemy = good. M'kay?
  • Know what positions on the map are DeathTraps! Move through these positions as quickly as possible. As soon as the enemy knows you are there, you will be wearing several HE Grenades and that can effectively end the round for you team. Do not be afraid to surrender these positions and fall back. It is often advantageous to cause the enemy to think you are moving into ones of these locations to get them to use up their supply of HE Grenades.
  • Crouch when moving up and down ladders, it is slower, but it does not make noise.

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