Improve Latency during gameplay.
Most of the people are facing problem about having a high latency or high ping in game servers so here is the solution, in simple words latency is the distance between you and the server, and you cannot reduce this distance but what happen sometimes is that your system uses your network connection for some other applications running in the background and lead you to high latency and major fluctuations. For example Windows Auto updates, Anti-Virus Updates or any other softwares. Follow the steps below to identify and stop such things.
Modem Configuration: (DSL/Broadband Users only)
♥ Open router page in browser by typing in address bar
♥ Type username "admin" password "admin"
♥ Goto WAN setting
♥ ADSL Modulation
♥ Then Check G.dmt and uncheck all other options.
♥ Save settings
♥ Restart Modem
System Configuration:
1) Use "DU Meter" which will identify all the Traffic and softwares using your Internet Connections its a small but a useful software.
>>Download DUMeter Click here<<
2) Install and run "DU Meter"
3) Then right click>view network connections. As shown in picture below

 you will see the list of programs running and using your internet connection.

4) After identifying Exit DU Meter and Click Start >run> and type taskmgr.exe>Enter
5)Click on the Processes tab> find the Process identified by DUMeter and Click End Process.
and thats all. If you want to decrease your latency further contact your service provider, Try to get the best service provider in your Area.

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