Counter Strike Decals, Spray, tags

Create your own unique decal to use as spray in game.
by following these steps:
****If you already have a image which you want to use it as a spray.

1)* Download the HLTagconverter from here to convert the image. On that page Right Click on "Hl Tag (2)" and Click Save Target as. 
2) Run this software Then click Open image and browse the image. Then Adjust the size of image within the max Surface. Remember size should no exeed the limit.
3) Then  save the Image file as ".wad" format to the cstrike folder and name it as "tempdecal" and it  will ask to replace the file, Click yes.and you are done. press T in game to spray.

Note: Do not goto options menu, It will again default your spray. Whenever your Spray become default repeat the process.
Tip: save the tempdecal.wad file to some other folder and whenever the spray become default just replace the cstrike's tempdecal with it...

****If you want to Create your own image file (your name or nick)
A) You can make images by using  pbrush  or Adobe Photoshop  and save it as .JPEG Then start following from above Point 1)*
For further information Contact me

Some nice Sprays for you.. (not converted)

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