[CSS] Aura

10:23 PM
Hi all, Finally I've decided to released this plugin Aura (Little beacon) under player Aura What is AURA ? You have aura (little...Read More


10:23 PM
ru Смысл плагина в том, что после смерти игрока, мы можем передать его оружие товарищам по команде (имеется в виду пистолет и автомат). На...Read More

[ANY] Hats!

8:23 AM
No cookies for TF2 players, go away! I promised i would release this for everyone today. Some of you may know my more powerful hats plugin...Read More

[Any] Last Damage

10:23 PM
basicly, if a player gets damage from another player, then died by falling off a prop duh or something like that the last player who damaged...Read More